Sunday, March 13, 2011

EveryDay Sign Online Class a Success!

Earlier this year, WeeHands started to offer our first self-paced sign language online class for parents and educators anywhere.  The "EveryDay Sign: Using Sign Language with Young Children" teaches both parents and educators over 250 signs along with interactive strategies that help beginning communicators during daily routines and leisure activities.

As with everything we do with WeeHands, we've made our "EveryDay Sign" class both fun and functional teaching practical signs for your children and fun signed songs that kids love!

Here are just a few comments that we've recieved from "EveryDay Sign" graduates:
  • I loved the course. I wish there were more lessons. I think the individual lesson lengths were just right - Denise (Michigan)
  • The whole course was great, I truly enjoyed it. I have brought many of the signs and songs to my toddler classroom. The structure and pace was good and the way the signs were introduced was very simple and made it easy to understand. The assignments were helpful in building the my knowledge of signs. I have incorporated many of the signs and songs I learned from this course into my toddler classroom. The toddlers enjoy it and they always want me to sing and sign again and and again. It is so neat to watch them try, and this is a good start for themas they learn to use their hands in different ways - Natalie (Ohio)
  • I loved the songs my children also love the songs that we are learning together. The signs are easily incorparated into the classroom. I also liked to hear from others about how everything was working with them - Courtney (Massachusetts)
  • My comfort level with signing has definitely increased. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. I like that many of the signs relate to what they refer to and I find it helps with memorizing them. I enjoy being able to watch the videos repeatedly to hear, see and imitate the signs. This course thus far has been an excellent 'formal' introduction to sign and I look forward to continuing with more sign language education - Eileen (Ontario)
  • I definitely do feel more comfortable with signing. I also see my daughter catching on. The ABC's are mastered with help. She is getting the finger movements right. I love signing with her and she loves watching all the videos here. I love the new signing songs we are learning - Debbie (Florida)
  • My babies are soaking up everything I am showing them and it is so much fun to be learning new ones to take to them and watch them take it home to their parents.  This is so much fun - Danielle (Ohio)
 If you'd like to join the WeeHands fun and functional "EveryDay Sign" (only $50.00 US), have a look at our online class website: Click on our Course Catalog and the Parents & Educators category and register for our "EveryDay Sign" today!

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