Thursday, March 10, 2011

New WeeHands Website!

We are so excited about the new WeeHands website! It's been a lot of work but our new wonderful WeeHands website is now live!

Come, explore and you'll find a more efficient way to find and register for WeeHands classes!  Our Instructors are the most well trained baby sign language instructors in North America! They are your experts!

We've completed on our sign language dictionary videos so that you can look up the most asked about American Sign Language signs. Each sign, in our dictionary, is paired with an image of the concept the sign represents. Show your child the sign and then repeat the sign to your child as the image is shown. Show the sign to your child throughout your day. We hope the new WeeHands website will help you narrate your child's world with signs & speech!

Have a question about language develop or signing with your baby? Have a look at our Family Forums and ask any questions you have!  You'll be able to ask questions, share stories, find WeeHands playgroups and we'll be hosting a number of fun contests soon there as well!

Thank you to Cinnamon Toast New Media for all their help with the new site! We have more wonderful things available on the WeeHands site and planned so come explore!
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