Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What You Can Do This Thursday During Baby’s Naptime

Sara, here with a quick note.  Have you ever noticed that your kids seem to really know how to push your buttons?  Have you noticed that there are just some things that continually irk you? 

I know it’s not something that we always talk about as parents yet, I’m noticing that we all experience this underlying stress when our child or baby is crying, ‘acting out’ or doing something that we don’t want them to do.    

Well, today, we have something special that we’re so excited to share with all WeeHands fans and followers.

This is different from what you’re used to receiving from WeeHands.  This is not about baby sign language, it’s about de-stressing yourself as a parent, that we are noticing is so important for all of us as parents!  

Especially if you find yourself getting frustrated, overwhelmed, irritated or just plain angry with your child and you just don’t know what to do in those moments.  

I’ve asked my dear friend and Parenting Expert, Jolette Jai, to reveal her Quantum Mindshift Process to you.  Jolette's Quantum Mindshift Process is a deeply transformational process for parents that allows you to FULLY let go of any unwanted stress in your life, for you right now. And she said, ‘Yes!’

So, you can join Jolette and I in 2 days,  this Thursday, June 2nd at 1pm EST on a FREE  ‘Naptime’ Telecall to relieve any feelings of frustration, overwhelm or stress that your experiencing now as a parent. 

Click here for all the details:  http://bit.ly/jE3RbE 

Jolette has medical doctors calling her Quantum Mindshift Process for parents ‘The New Medicine’ for emotional relief.  So, here’s where you can go during naptime this Thursday at 1pm EST:   http://bit.ly/jE3RbE

Let’s relieve all that emotional stress together.  Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there!
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