Sunday, May 29, 2011

WeeHands Needs You!

Interested in ASL? Interested in language development?  Interested in supporting new parents? So is WeeHands!

WeeHands is an International baby, toddler and preschool sign language program born in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada. Since 2001, WeeHands has taught thousands of families to sign with their babies and toddlers in Canada and the US. WeeHands teaches families ASL vocabulary as well as language development strategies that are important to early language learners.

We are currently getting more requests for classes than we have qualified Instructors!

WeeHands places a strong emphasis on both language development and the use of American Sign Language vocabulary. The benefits of signing with your baby include:
  • Teaching baby sign language reduces frustration for you and your baby.
  • Baby sign language strengthens the bond between you and your baby.
  • Helps your child to communicate sooner, and with a larger vocabulary.
WeeHands' mission is to respectfully share our knowledge of American Sign Language as well as our strong understanding of early language development. We are strongly committed to reaching every family, educator and health professional in North America and helping them to connect and learn with the children they care for. Many of our Instructors are teachers, doulas, early childhood educators, ASL Interpreters and Speech-Language Pathologists.

The cost of certification in the WeeHands program is $350.00 which also includes 10-unit training course for new instructors.  WeeHands would like to offer of a discount of 50% to all Happiest Baby Educators for the WeeHands license and certification ($175.00) which would include:
  • WeeHands teaching license fee for the year
  • Signing Babies I 8-week curriculum
  • 1-Star WeeHands Instructors course: self-paced 10-unit training course covering language development from 0-3 years, setting up and marketing your classes.
  • EveryDay Signs course: self-pace 5 unit online sign language class.
For more information, if you are a Happiest Baby Educator, about this educational opportunity click here!

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