Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marlee Matlin Teaming Up with WeeHands At Home Co-Producer for Music Video

I am so, so proud of Sean Forbes, co-founder of D-PAN (the Deaf Professional Arts Network)!  In March 2010, D-PAN and WeeHands produced our WeeHands first DVD, WeeHands At Home, and now almost a year later Sean has spent this past week on set again in Detroit, dancing the mambo with Marlee Matlin!


From the WJBK news spot, Sean has been "featured on FOX 2 before demonstrating how his passion for music helped him overcome his inability to hear.  Sean Forbes is a deaf rapper who's beating the odds and getting a shot at success. As FOX 2's Andrea Isom explains in this video report, he's even got the backing of Hollywood star Marlee Matlin."
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