Monday, February 14, 2011

Cydney's First Words

Name: Cydney Smith

Number of Children: 2 girls

Age of children: Finn-ann 10 and Chai 9

Your child's first word story: Funny thing your child said as a toddler: Finn was born talking and always sounded so grown up. Chai was slow to talk, and was very proud of saying her own name first. She would often say things like "Chai no like that." or " Chai no"  or "Chai like". It was very cute.

Joys regarding being a mom entrepreneur: Flexibility. And being a able to  hold the energy for family and home life.

Challenges of being a mom and an entrepreneur: Always being on!

Share advice for new moms: Take care of yourself. Set boundaries. Be clear on what you truly want and on how you want to feel. Make choices from there.

Share advice for moms thinking of starting their own business: Do it.


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Twitter name: @cydneysmith

Have a cute story about your little ones first word? Do you have a funny story about something your toddler said or signed? Share it here:

Remember, a word is a word, whether it's signed or spoken!

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