Friday, October 01, 2010

Looking for a WeeHands class this fall?

Looking for a sign language class for you and your baby or toddler this fall? Just visit the WeeHands website to search for a class in your community.  Type in your 7 digit Canadian postal code, e.g., K1A 1B1 (our system counts the space in between as a digit) or your 5 digit US postal code and the distance you are willing to travel to get to a class.  With this information your nearest WeeHands class should appear in a list.

If no list appears, it most likely means that we don't have a WeeHands class in your area yet.  We are getting more requests for classes than we currently have qualified WeeHands Instructors for but we're working on recruiting more Instructors every day.  Our current Instructors are teachers, early chilldhood educators, speech language pathologists and ASL Intrepreters.  We are very picky about our Instructors but let us know if you'd like to teach with WeeHands and bring WeeHands classes  to your community!

While we work on recruiting more awesome and wonderful WeeHands Instructors for your area, you can pick up a copy of The Baby Signing Book and our DVD, WeeHands At Home, so that you can start teaching your little one to sign right away!

The Baby Signing Book includes over 350 American Sign Language signs along with language development milestones for children 0-3 years of age. It's an award winning book that shows you how to sign with your baby and we've included lots of songs, games and strategies that you can use at home with your baby.

The Baby Signing Book has gotten fantastic reviews since it was published in 2007 and our DVD, WeeHands at Home, is well received by everyone that's seen it!  The two items together are great to bundle together when you buy them!
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