Saturday, May 08, 2010

WeeHands "At Home" volume 1

This year WeeHands selected the D-PAN Productions team to create our new “WeeHands At Home” DVD. D-PAN, The Deaf Professional Arts Network, is a national nonprofit organization based in Detroit, Michigan, founded by Sean Forbes and Joel Martin. D-PAN creates music videos featuring deaf and hard-of-hearing performers.

This first DVD, “WeeHands At Home”, is an instructional video featuring six children teaching 33 signed words and performing ten songs in American Sign Language.

Over the last two months, the D-PAN team has created animations, recorded the children’s performances, created onscreen graphics and edited the recorded material, working closely with WeeHands to create a DVD that is educational, entertaining and fun both for children and their parents.

Our goal is to get the “WeeHands At Home” DVD into the hands of educators, audiologists, and early intervention programs, as well as parents who want to jump-start their young child’s ASL skills.

WeeHands and D-PAN are proud to be working together and to create the “WeeHands At Home” DVD. Both D-PAN and WeeHands’ share a belief that all children, both deaf and hearing, should be exposed to American Sign Language—because you’re never too young to benefit from the power and beauty of ASL.

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