Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Passionate about Connections

Timing is a funny thing. This week I’ve been interviewed by a public relations student from Durham College and she’s asked me, “Why are you passionate about baby signing? As well, Julie Cole, and the other ladies at Mabel’s Labels, are asking the question “What have been the rewards and benefits of participating in the blogging community? I think my answers to both questions are interrelated.

I’m passionate about baby signing because of the connection it builds between parent and child. One of the great benefits about blogging about the topic is that I can quickly share my passion, connect with parents, especially new parents, and help them connect with their babies. It took me two years to write and get The Baby Signing Book published…blogging let’s me connect with parents instantaneously!

Baby sign language helps a baby communicate before they can speak. When a baby can communicate with her parents, this builds her connection with her parents and increases her self-esteem. When a mom can clearly understand her baby, this builds her connection with her baby and increases her confidence as a parent.

As questions about baby signing come up either in the mainstream media or simply from an email I get from a new mom I can answer these questions on my blog quickly and publicly…so that other families, who may have the same questions, can benefit. Anything that enhances the connection between parents and babies is something I think is wonderful! Baby signing….blogging….it’s all about connections!

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