Friday, December 05, 2008

When to Start Signing

Many of the questions that I receive relate to when to start signing with your baby. It's never too late to sign with your little one and it's never too early!

You can start signing with your little one anytime that you feel ready. 8 months would be a great time to start! Is your little one waving bye-bye and holding his/her hands up to gesture "pick me up"?

Have a look at the Getting Started PDF sheet here, share it with caregivers and post a copy of it behind your little one's high chair, on the wall above your change table and above your crib.

I started signing with my little ones when they were 6 months of age. Most babies in our classes are between 5 and 8 months when they start a class.

This post on my blog will also give you some ideas of signs to start with, signs for items that are really motivating for your baby and for activities that happen frequently throughout the day.
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