Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Use Motivating & Routine Signs

Try to focus on objects and activities that are really motivating to your baby and show her 3-5 signs related to these objects. My son’s first signs were FISH, CAR and TRAIN because these were his favourite things. My daughter's first signs included MORE, EAT and MILK. Her favourite things were food, food and more food.

As well as signs for favourite things, incorporate signs for everyday routines. These may not be as motivating but they happen all day, every day. Signs for EAT, SLEEP, PLAY and CHANGE fit into this category.

Try to sign at least 10-12 signs with your little from each of these categories (1) Motivating signs and (2) Routine signs. Use them before, during and after activities they related to. For example, before having milk, sign MILK, during this time sign and say MILK frequently to your little one and after your baby's drink is complete, sign MILK and FINISH together.
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