Monday, June 09, 2008

Sign for Milk, Leche and Lait!

This is the ASL sign for "milk"; if you are Spanish the sign for "leche"; or if you are French the sign for "lait". You make the sign by squeezing your hand open and closed, imitating the movement of milking a cow. The sign can be used with both hands doing the movement or one.

This is a great sign to start showing your baby as soon as she is born or as soon as you are ready. Use the sign for MILK, paired with the spoken word you use, before you bring your baby to the breast or before giving her a bottle. As you hold her during this time, show her the sign and let her hear the word "milk" (or "leche" or "lait"!). After the milk is all gone, show her the sign for MILK again while saying "Milks all gone" or "The milk is finished".

When you show your baby any sign before, during and after the activity that represents that sign, you are providing her with a high number of times to see and hear the word in a very natural and motivating context.

Here's a photo of our friend, Richard, signing MILK!

Here's a video of another friend, Wyatt, signing MILK at 6 months!

Please share any photos and videos of your wee one signing MILK by emailing and we can share them here!
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