Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Out of the mouths of Babes

Hey, she's three and she's still my baby! :) (ok, she'll be four years old this month but she's still my baby!)

When I picked up Sabrina from kindergarten today she waved and said good-bye to a bunch of the girls in her class. I don't think boys beyond her brother exist for her! - her dad will be happy about that :)

She pointed to the girls in her class and told me about them, "Hey, mommy there's Monica. Mommy, there's Rachel!". She pointed to one more girl (who I know has some special needs and uses a computer and pictures to communicate) and Sabrina added to her running dialogue "Hey mommy, there's Phoebe. She doesn't talk but it's okay - she can sign yes", and Sabrina showed me the sign for "yes"...(thank you Sign-A-Lot!) and then she went on to introduce other girls to me.

I love the 'no big deal' attitude that she had. This girl has a tinker bell backpack, this girl can sign "yes" and this girl has flowers on her umbrella. Sabrina thought it all was very cool! (her words) :)
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