Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oil change...Diaper change

On a discussion group that I'm on, a mom asked for suggestions to help her during diaper changes with an incredibly fidgety 8-month old. Oh, I remember this time! My DD was very fidgety during diaper changes...what worked for her was:

Give her a toy/occupied to keep her. It’s okay to do this. As adults we are given things to occupy us during things we have to do. For example, when I get my van’s oil changed, Mr Lube gives me a coffee and a newspaper to keep me happy (and coming back) during the 20 minutes or so it take to change the oil. I would often give Sabrina a shampoo bottle that I had closed tightly and she liked to worked to try and open it (I made sure she couldn’t open it) but this kept her busy for changes. Now if it was only Starbucks coffee…I’d come back more often!

Let her know what’s happening by saying and signing that it’s time for diaper change. You can see the sign for “change” on this site: Why sign it? Because babies understand what they see, before they understand what they hear. I usually recommend signing “before, during and after” an activity. Before to let her know that it’s coming up. After to let her know it’s finished. During for diaper changes may not be possible though! I do know of one baby who hated to lie down (I think he thought it was naptime every time his mom lay him down) but showing him the sign for “change” helped him understand what was about to happen. Always sign and say the word at the same time

Use lots of fun songs / chant during this time to distract her. See the sites below, use your favourite songs or just make something silly up!

Check out the Please Change My Diaper on this website…

And the Diaper Dance song on this site:

Here’s another link that you may find helpful on the topic:

Now of course I’m wondering why the Mr. Lube guys don’t sing to me!
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