Monday, December 07, 2015

Welcome to Katherine!

Welcome to one of our newest WeeHands Instructors...Katherine Fisher!
Katherine has more than five years’ experience as an Instructor Therapist. She studied Autism Behaviour Science at St. Lawrence College in 2008 and earned a B.A. in Social Sciences at the University of Lethbridge in 2004. Katherine has been studying American Sign Language since 2004.
Katherine's work with Morneau Shepell's Children's Support Solutions focuses on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In her role she helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn communication and other skills that help them become more independent. Her approach is to recognize each child is different and find a way to unlock their potential. 
Katherine comes from a family of teachers and scientists so this profession came naturally to her. She loves to play the guitar, watch old movies and cook vegan food. She also has a valuable ability to calm down upset young children. Katherine shares, "Helping parents tap into their baby’s capabilities not only exercises these mental pathways but reduces frustration for both the child and the caregivers. As WeeHands says, “Why wait to communicate?” Working with children who have autism, I have seen how augmentative communication opens a new world for them. I am so excited to have this opportunity to help all parents learn to connect and communicate with their little ones!"
For more information about Katherine's baby sign language classes for new parents in the Greater Toronto Area or for child care staff training information, call 1.866.653.2397 or email:

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