Thursday, November 27, 2014

Learn Baby Sign Language from a SODA!

Okay we're actually not starting the "pop" versus "soda" debate here but we're talking about Karla's baby sign language classes in Toronto!

Karla Velasquez is the sibling of a Deaf adult (a SODA!), her younger brother Diego who was born deaf. She has grown up with American Sign Language as the third language in her household; English and Spanish being the first and second respectfully. After high school, Karla studied American Sign Language at the Canadian Hearing Society. She was accepted and graduated from the American Sign language and Deaf Studies program, after which she enrolled into the American Sign language - English Interpreter program. She soon realized that becoming an interpreter was not where she wanted to go career wise but rather, working with families/toddlers who want to learn ASL for communication purposes. Karla frequently volunteers with Deaf organizations/ associations, and Deaf events/festivals throughout the year within the the Deaf Community. 

Karla notes "having had the opportunity to learn the amazing benefits and possibilities that American Sign Language can do for overcoming communication obstacles; I want to bring awareness to other parents/families. I want to encourage and inspire others to learn this wonderful language. Whether for a fun pass time and bonding activity, or to relieve stress and frustration that can come from trying to guess your baby's wants and needs!" 

For more about Karla's baby sign language classes call 647-239-1568 or email:

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