Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WeeHands in Hamilton!

Andrea Moran graduated from the Personal Support Worker program at Mohawk College in 2006 and has been studying American Sign Language since 2011. Since becoming a mom in May of 2013, Andrea has been signing with her daughter and is excited to teach others the joy of signing! She is passionate about teaching others how to better communicate with their children before they can even speak. Andrea's classes will give you the skills and knowledge you will need to communicate with your preverbal, hearing baby! 

Andrea shares, "I have loved signing with my own daughter and teaching my family how to sign as well. I'm passionate about sign language and think it is a great way to communicate with your child. I'm excited to meet new familes in my community and be able to teach them how to connect with their child through sign language." Learning and teaching your wee one to sign with WeeHands has never been easier and more fun! 

For more information about Andrea's classes call 905-538-7335
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