Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Instructor Alert! New Instructor Alert!

Donna Jones is a mom to three wonderful boys and has a degree as a Respiratory Therapist. She first started learning American Sign Language because her best friend is Deaf and has signed with her children when they were little ones. Donna has taught in her local teaching hospital as well as Sunday school, Vacation Bible School and has taught sign language classes to 5-8 years old at a local Homeschool Enrichment class. She is very excited to offer WeeHands classes in Solon Springs and other communities in Douglas County, Wisconsin.

Donna shares, "My middle child knew over 200 signs when he was an toddler! I never had to wonder what he was thinking, he was constantly telling me what was on his mind and about his experiences using his signs. I am so excited to share my passion for ASL with other families and I love watching children learn."

For more information about Donna's classes just call 715-919-1854 or email: 

Tell us about your little ones? How many children do you have and what were their first words?   
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