Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Ways to Get Outside with Baby!

It has been one crazy winter! But now that's it's spring it's time to get outside with your baby and enjoy the fresh air and a change of pace.
  1. Travel Happy: Time your outing to coincide with periods when he is content. After a feeding and diaper change is often a good time for a may even fall asleep during your travels!  I remember the days of my 4:00 pm walk with Joshua when he was a baby...he's sleep and I'd walked for an hour. It was a great wee workout!
  1. Baby's Attire: Dress your baby as appropriate for the weather. Layers allow you allow you to peel off anything that is making baby hot or add if baby is getting chilly. Don't forget sunscreen, sunglasses or a hat as well. Of course, you may run into well meaning strangers along the way as well who will let you know that you forgot baby's hat!
  1. Be a Good "Girl Scout" ... always be prepared! Depending on the planned length of your outing, be sure to stock your diaper bag with changing supplies, extra clothes, and feeding supplies if needed.
  1. Carry On! Use a comfortable baby wearing carrier...we love the Ergo Carrier! When your baby is close to you, you'll be able to share more things with him and feel when he is nodding off or sweating up a storm!
  1. Bring your Signs! Narrate the outside world for your baby by naming and signing what you are seeing!  Now get outside and have some fun!

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