Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome Colleen to our Team!

I've been able to meet some incredible people in my life; as a mom, as an instructor at Durham College and as the founder of WeeHands. It was at one of my 11 years of teaching at Durham College (11 years!) that I met one of my Communicative Disorders Assistant students, Colleen Tillotson.  What a wonderful surprise that I met her again walking by my new office at blueballoon a few months ago!

Fast forward a few months and now Colleen and I will be co-teaching a WeeHands class at a fun baby store in Toronto!

In preparation for our class, Colleen is moving through our certification process and I'm setting up her webpage on our website. I'm also learning that Colleen is a professional singer, that her daughter has special needs and the her own mom was a Teacher of the Deaf! People ask me what experience makes a great WeeHands Instructor....well, I think I've found a great combination of skills and background with Colleen!

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