Sunday, March 02, 2014

Thunder Baby...I mean, Thunder Bay!

WeeHands classes are coming back to Thunder B-A-Y! (we write the word "baby" so much, we often misspell this city's name as "Thunder Baby"!)

Rebecca Skean is a mother of a little boy (born in 2006) and has worked for 10+ years with children with disabilities as well as communicative disorders; primarily children who are 'non verbal'. Rebecca holds a diploma in Child and Youth Worker, Developmental Service Worker and a Graduate Certificate in Communicative Disorders assistant and has been working with children and youth for 20 years.

Through classes in sign language, using sign language with the students she worked with and the research she'd done when pregnant, Rebecca decided to use ASL with her newborn. Rebecca began signing with her son the day he was born and was rewarded with his first sign at 6 months old. Through her experience of using ASL with her own son and seeing first hand the benefits and wonderful  effects that it has had with her son, Rebecca has been committed to sharing that experience with families and their babies through teaching WeeHands. Rebecca is looking forward to being a part of your journey into early communication with you and your child.

For more information about Rebecca's classes call 807-251-1217 or email

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