Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sign of the Week...BABY!

This week's Sign of the Week poster teaches you and your family the American Sign Language sign for BABY!

Show this sign to your child when you see other babies at the park, in books or on videos.  This is a very cute sign when babies sign it!

Here are two great books that you can pick up for your local bookstore or borrow from your library to "read" with baby while teaching the sign for "baby": Global Babies board book by The Global Fund for Children and the Baby Faces board book by DK Publishing.

If you are signing with your own baby and have questions, please visit the WeeHands Facebook page or you can find WeeHands on Twitter and ask away! We're here to help you learn and connect with your little one!

Watch the video below with your little one and practice signing the ASL sign for BABY!

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