Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Debra's Girls

Debra Porah is a mom of three, wife, photographer and WeeHands Instructor.  She has participated in several classes in photography throughout her life and been actively running a photography business out of her home for 2 years now.  Debra's oldest child has Down Syndrome and she knew that she would face challenges with communication along the way.  Debra participated in one of Sara Bingham's free classes and fell in love.

Her oldest daughter, Chelsey, loved the songs and the signs.  Debra knew that this would be the best way to help her daughter with her communication challenges. She hired Ewa from the Durham Deaf Association to come teach her family sign language.  This helped her entire family communicate with Chelsey effectively allowing her to grow and be supported with her challenges.

By the time Chelsey was 19mts she knew over 200 signs.  This is beyond the average word knowledge at that age.  Chelsey has surpassed her Mother's knowledge and Debra wanted to continue to learn along with her daughter and share her new language.  Debra has taught her 2nd and 3rd children sign language as well.

"It's amazing to see all of my kids signing at the same time. It' like their own little language among themselves sometimes!" Debra says.

Since the demands of raising three children poses many challenges, Debra has decided to extend her career path in order to stay home with her children.  Photography is one passion of hers and her daughter's continuing development is the other.  Sharing what she has encountered is a great joy for Debra and she hopes that teaching others the endless benefits of sign language will not only bring her more happiness but happiness to others as well.

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