Monday, February 04, 2013

Milestone Mondays: 10 months!

Milestone Mondays

Last week on the WeeHands fan page we asked about your babies’ ages. Melissa and Alyson shared that their little ones were 10 months old...oh, what a wonderful age!

So What Can Your 10-Month Old Baby Do?

A baby at around 9-10 months is able to reach for items with their fingers and they can also use what is called a pincer grasp, which uses an F shape in the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet, to transfer small items between their fingers. Your baby will also this pincer grasp to pick items up off their high chair tray or, be careful, the floor!

There’s No Need to Simplify ASL Signs for Your Baby

Now some people say that American Sign Language (ASL) is too hard for babies to learn and that you have to modify it. I disagree! If they can make an F shape they'll be able to make so many other signs!

What Else Might A 10 Month Old Baby Be Able To Do?

At this age, signing with your baby will get their attention and their first sign may appear but every baby is different.

Your baby will most likely be babbling at this age with their hands and voices. Playing with sounds that will become their first words, e.g., “ma-ma-ma-ma” will become mama; shaking both hands may become bye-bye; and clapping may become "more".

Why Sign With Your 10 Month Old Baby?

Because the most important thing they want is your attention! Your baby's memory is develop and though they might not sign back to you get they are starting to understand what you sign to them, e.g., calming down when you sign milk or getting excited when you sign bath.

Now I'd love to hear from you! Please let us know how both you and your baby are doing. Do you have a 10 month old? What new things have they learned? Crawling? Walking!?!

Has that first signed appeared? Has you baby started to wave "bye-bye"? What does your 10 month old do when you leave the room?  When was the last time you went to the bathroom alone!?

We want to hear your stories! Share your baby’s story below..
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