Monday, November 26, 2012

Welcome Charise to our teaching team!

So excited to welcome Charise to our teaching team!

Charise Virgo is mom to six children and has two grandchildren. Charise is a Pediatric Home Health Nurse with Starlight Pediatric Homecare Agency and is training to also be a Holistic Health Coach. Charise learned American Sign Language as a child and also also been studying it formally since 2011.

Charise shares, "I was exposed to sign language as a child and I enjoyed learning it. My aunt is hard of hearing, however, she preferred to read lips. I never imagine that I would use it again as I got older. In my profession as a nurse, the majority of my patients have issues that prevent them from communicating. It was then that I began to use sign language again and the passion to become fluent grew strong. I look forward to learning more , teaching and being apart of the WeeHands community".

For more information about Charise's baby sign language classes, contact 908-875-0300 or email:
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