Sunday, September 23, 2012

'Baby signs' claims unproven? A little light reading...

recent online article that I came across talked about unproven benefits of signing with your hearing baby, stating that "most of these websites fail to back up all their claims" and that "out of 82 cited sources on 33 websites, less than 10% were scientific studies".

I invite the author of this article, Michael Reed Davison, and any other interested folks to take a look at the references that were included in my book, The Baby Signing Book (published by Robert Rose in 2007). 

As a former practicing therapist (specifically a Communicative Disorders Assistant or CDA), it's of vital importance to me that any thing that I produce through WeeHands is backed by research based evidence. Part of my work as a CDA was to make the theory behind intervention fun for children and their parents but also functional. I've carried that 'fun and functional' evidence-backed philosophy over to my work with WeeHands.

For those who are looking for a little light, and incredibly interesting, reading :) I've included below just a few of the references that are in The Baby Signing Book. Enjoy!

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