Monday, July 09, 2012

Praise for Sharon Weisz’ WeeHands classes!

We just received this fantastic praise for Sharon Weisz' baby sign language classes. Sharon is a certified and licensed WeeHands Instructor as well as a speech-language pathologist!

Sign language class was the best thing EVER! Ethan can sign: milk, water, yummy (he does that when he wants food), more, bath, please, eat, and the Korean thank you (which is a bow). He's just a little signing machine. It's so cute!"

"Bath is my favourite, because he'll go to the bathroom door and do his interpretation of the sign, which is a bit like a one armed chicken! He even does some songs with me, like "Wheels on the Bus." Most of them he can do if we say the words in English or Korean...which we're happy about!

Congratulations Sharon! You can find out more about Sharon's WeeHands classes here:

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