Monday, May 21, 2012

Meeting Marlee

If you haven't already...take a look at our Facebook page and see who I met this weekend at the Canadian Down Syndrome Society annual conference!

Marlee, who is an Academy Award winning actress, author, mother, and advocate, was the (amazing!) key note speaker and I presented the following day (our Enhancing Language and Lessening Frustrations presentation).

Marlee spoke on the theme of inclusion and shared her insights from her own education and then life in Hollywood.  Just a few gems that she shared include:

  • "If you will it, it's not a dream.", 
  • "Walk around barriers that are put in front of you!"; 
  • "The formula for success for our children is our teachers"; 
  • "Language is vitally important to teaching a child who is Deaf"; 
  • "Communication and meaning flowed into my life when I learned how to sign
  • "Frustrations come easy when you can't communicate or connect with the world in a way you want."

The whole weekend was incredible. It was so special to present, when I usually present to child care staff, to parents with children with Down syndrome. It was an incredible feeling and just an honor to present to them!
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