Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Signing Time - Review

By Jessica Green

There are many good qualities to this video such as the video involves cartoon characters as well as a real person. It involved real people more than the cartoons but if a child’s attention started to wonder that’s when the cartoons came back on screen. This video had a lot of children making the signs themselves to show how easy it is for children to make signs. I found that this particular video seemed to be for more of an older audience and I think this because the signs where performed by older toddlers.

I liked how the chapters of the video where broken down into groups of objects, so I could find signs that I was looking for, such as the food category where the actress was wearing a bib and teaching food as well as drink signs. I really enjoyed how there was a signing review at the end of the video so I could test myself on the signs that this video had taught me. I learned a lot of new signs from this video as well as a few new songs that I think are very catchy and where easy to learn.

Something I have never seen on a signing video was having a Frequently Asked Questions part in the video, such as why the actress’s fingers are colour coded and getting the answer to your question. Another thing I haven’t seen in signing videos was bloopers at the end of it, which showed me that even professionals can make  mistakes with their signs and signing takes practice.

Jessica Green is an Early Childhood Educator and is currently enrolled in the Communicative Disorders Assistant program at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario.
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