Monday, October 17, 2011

Smartphone App

Our WeeHands iPhone mobile app is well underdevelopment, with the amazing help of Jamie of JV Graphic Studio and Will from WonderAnt. Over a number of meetings (most of which that have taken place in a few English pubs in downtown Toronto - oh, how we love our pub food), we've come up with a plan for our first children's sign language dictionary!

Based on vocabulary in the awarding winning book, The Baby Signing Book by Sara Bingham, the first WeeHands app will teach you and your child over 300 American Sign Language signs that are both fun and functional!

The WeeHands app (our first!) will be available worldwide soon with iPhone, iPad and Android versions!


Raff said...

What about BlackBerry Support

Jean-Paul et Emma said...

is it out yet?

Sara said...

We will be creating the app for Blackberry, Raff, as well as iPhone, iPad and Android.

Jean-Paul and Emma, we just finished up filming the videos for the app and it looks like it will be available mid-January. Are you signed up as a tester?

Jean-Paul et Emma said...

I would lové to be a tester! How can I?
My address is