Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Babbling with Britt

Name: Britt Michaelian

Number of Children: 3

Age of children: 5, 9, 11

Your child's first word story:  My oldest daughter was very quiet and more of an observer when she was a baby.  She loved to babble and sing and my husband and I had a bet about what her first word would be.  Of course he thought, "Dada" and I thought "Mama".  Well, as it turned out, her first word was... "Ball".   Makes sense though, since she loves SOCCER so much!

Funny thing your child said as a toddler:  My oldest used to mix up her s's and her f's, so when she would say, "That's so sunny!" instead of "That's so funny."  It was pretty cute.  Although I did have to translate for her quite often.  :)

Joys regarding being a mom entrepreneur:  Well, of course I love being a lifestyle mom entrepreneur because I work from home, so I get to spend as much time as I want with my kids.  But, more importantly, the joy that comes from being a mom entrepreneur has to do with the fact that I have 3 daughters who look up to me and they see the power of following my passions and dreams.  They know that when they grow up, they can do the same thing.  I am their role model and I cherish that, so it helps me to really make decisions that are well thought out and that consistently bring me in the direction of my goals.

Challenges of being a mom and an entrepreneur:  One of my biggest challenges of being a mompreneur who works from home is that it can be difficult to turn off my working brain!  I have found that I have to have strict rules about my schedule and I only allow myself to work while the kids are at school (for the exception of a weekly webinar or 2 ;)  My friend Kimberley Blaine (aka: @TheGoToMom) told me that she shuts her cel phone and her computer off at 5pm everyday and while I'm not there yet... that's the goal! 

Share your best advice for new moms:  Just as it is important to take great care of your kids, it is just as important to take great care of yourself.  Your kids will do what you do (not what you say) so if you are living a healthy lifestyle and treating yourself well, they are more likely to do the same!  Make self care a part of your daily and weekly schedule.  What can you do every week that feeds your soul and inspires you? 

Share your tips for moms thinking of starting their own business:  
  • Build a business around something that you are SO passionate about that you would do it forever, even if you never made a single dollar. 
  • Create a team and business based on shared and common values (which means you need to get to know your core values and live by them). 
  • Look at your business as the perfect way to share your gifts and talents with the world. 
  • Get a coach or a mentor who understands your vision if you really want to get on the fast track to fulfillment and  profitability. 
  • Know that being a woman in business (and especially being a mom) you will  attract other women will naturally want to collaborate with you if you have clear branding and if you are a giver. 
  • Spend time getting to know yourself and getting comfortable with your vision so that when opportunity knocks, you will know whether it will take you where you want to go or if it is better to say no.  No is good. 
  • Personal growth is mandatory in entrepreneurship.  So, do the inner work every day.
  • Contrary to what you might think... with each failure, you are one step closer to success! :)
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