Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best Way to Learn with Sign with your Baby?

A number of new parents have asked about baby sign language products and programs. Wonderful! We love that the word is spreading about signing with young children!  Keep in mind that everyone learns differently. Some people are book learners, some people need to see the signs and others will want to ask questions about signing.

WeeHands certified instructors teach ASL signs along with language development strategies. Classes, where available, allow you to get out with baby and to meet other new parents. Classes with well trained Instructors allow to get immediate feedback to how you are signing and allow you to ask questions. Other class participants will also share stories and may ask questions that you haven't thought of yet!

The Baby Signing Book is a fantastic reference with 350+ ASL signs, language development milestones from 0-3 years along with games and tips. Even if you are not signing with your baby or toddler, this book has excellent information about language development and how to encourage it.

Our DVD, WeeHands At Home (Volume 1) introduces signs and 10 familiar songs to use at home with baby. DVDs are a good way to learn signs and a great way to reinforce the signs you learn in a class. Our DVD was produced with the D-PAN: Deaf Performing Artists Network and 50% of the DVD's proceeds go to them!

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1st-Time Mommy said...

Though I started with him when he was very young (4 months), over a year later, my son has just now started to pick up signing, thanks to a wonderful hands-on program at his preschool. Just goes to show it's never too late to start!