Sunday, August 01, 2010

Signing and Splashin' in the Water!

Signs to use: WATER, BOAT, DUCK

Play in the water with your baby…in the tub or in a kiddie pool in the backyard. Remember children learn vocabulary best when you related the spoken words and signs you are showing them to sensory items, items that they are feeling while they play and interact with.

While playing or bathing your child, imitate his sounds and movements. Splash in the water and show your baby the sign for WATER. Pour a little bit of water onto your little one’s hand and sign WATER. If he likes this, doing it repeatedly, a little at a time, and sign WATER each time.

Bring a toy boat or duck into the water as well and allow them to float to your baby. When your little one reaches to grab the toy, label it with the sign for BOAT or DUCK. Take your turn with the toy and “hide” it under the water, when it pops up after you let it go, sign BOAT or DUCK. Do this over and over again and watch your little one giggle!

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