Monday, February 01, 2010

New WeeHands Instructors!

We're so happy to welcome a number of wonderful Instructors to the WeeHands teaching team. Not only are WeeHands Instructors fun but what amazing educational backgrounds they have!
  • Debbie Everett, who rejoins the WeeHands team and is teaching in London, Ontario 
  • Ronald Dans, who brings an amazing ASL background to WeeHands and who will be teaching in Oak Parks, Michigan 
  • Melanie Clarke, teaching in Scarborough, Ontario, is a proud mother to two signing little ones. Along with teaching and being a mom, Melanie is currently pursuing a certificate in Children's Mental Health.
  • Karen Cairns, teaching in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a mom who began studying American Sign Language at Red River College in 1994 and continues her studies today. 
  • Claire Miller is a mom of twins and a Speech-Language Pathologist who works with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Welcome everyone, we're excited for you all!  To find out about teaching with WeeHands in your community, click here.
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