Thursday, November 12, 2009

Want to See Your Signing Stories Published?

I'm passing along this for everyone....see the query below. Please send responses to:


Hello Parents of Signing Children,

I'm writing an article on what parents, teachers, and scientists learn from using signs with young children. This article is going to be published in the Infant Mental Health Journal sometime next year. I want to get hear from parents on their perspectives on infant signing – particularly what they learn from or about their children by signing with them.

If you are interested in telling me about what you have learned through infant signing, and don't mind me using it an article, please email me your responses to the following 5 questions by November 15th.
You can reply to this post, or email me at

1. What is your child's first name?
2. How old is your child?
3. What have you learned by signing with your child?
4. What is your first name?
5. If I use a quote from your answer to question 3 in the article, would you like me to use yours' and your child's real first names, or to change your names? I will not use any last names.

Thank you for your time!


Claire Vallotton, PhD
Assistant Professor of Early Child Development and Education
Michigan State University
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