Friday, June 19, 2009

Kind words for The Baby Signing Book

Just came across these recent kinds words about The Baby Signing Book from P. Matthews who lives in Northern California and I am truly humbled.

This book is fantastic because it clearly gives you movement and location of hands when signing. Memory aids are an added plus. I recently started taking care of my grandson of 4 months and have already started signing words. He watches attentively to my surprise. I also teach his parents so we are learning together. We started with four signs for mama, dada, grandma and aunt. We use the first letter of the grandmas names to distinguish between grandmothers.

I decided to teach my grandson signing because of my concern about him being able to communicate with his parents if he doesn't like a babysitter or something that makes him sad. So many babies are in the hands of daycare, nannies or babysitters without a means to communicate their experience. I know there are many superb daycare providers! I just want my grandson to participate in the choice for him. It will be a while before he can sign so I will babysit him until then. It is such a joy! Picking the rights words to teach first is key. The book gives excellent suggestions on how to give meaning to the words you choose.
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